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Atanas Piskachev


Growing up, I was always interested in living healthily and doing sports. Unfortunately, my family wasn't supportive, especially my dad. He was completely focused on work and never took care of his own health. As a result, he developed diabetes.


That experience showed me how important it is to balance work and wellness. When I entered the professional world, I realized that many people were like my dad, ignoring their health and well-being. This frustrated me, and I wanted to do something about it.


That's why I decided to become a health coach. I invested in my education, gained experience and dedicated myself to helping others improve their health and habits.


Now, 10 years later, I can honestly say that I have never felt healthier, more alive and I am grateful to be able to use my knowledge, experience and skills to help professionals live their best lives.

6 facts about me

I believe that living  healthy is like playing chess, it requires strategic planning, focus, adaptability, discipline and patience. And I happen to love both!

I'm a bookworm with a passion for knowledge and personal growth. I believe in the power of books to inspire and transform. If you invite me to your birthday party, you can expect a hand-picked book as a gift.

For me, living  healthy is a non-negotiable and I'm a self-proclaimed gym junkie who always finds a way to incorporate fitness into my daily routine.

I love to immerse myself in different cultures, trying new foods and connecting with people from all over the world, making me a well-rounded coach with a diverse perspective on health.

I'm a tech-savvy health coach with a curious mind and a love for finding innovative solutions. I'm always on the lookout for the latest technologies and how to incorporate them into my coaching for the best results for my clients.

I'm an adventurous health coach with a passion for making the most of every moment, including making snow angels after a refreshing dip in the lake of Zurich during winter next to  encouraging others to join in on the fun!

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