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  • What’s health coaching?
    Health coaching is a confidential and supportive partnership between you and the health coach. It effectively motivates and encourages behaviour change to help you meet your health and wellness vision and goals. It’s a program that pairs you with a health coach who gives you information, advice and encouragement about topics like: Goal Setting Habits Improvement Life Satisfaction Eating Habits / Nutrition Exercise / Physical Activity Time Management Weight Management Stress Management Sleep and Relaxation Spiritual Practices Possible Reduction of the Medications You’re Using
  • Why should I participate?
    Your health is your most important asset, or as I love saying “No wealth is greater than your health!”, Working with an experienced health coach gives you resources and support to help you be your healthiest. So many people fall into specific diet fads, attempt crash diets, and engage in health behaviours that can do more harm than good to a body. You may also want a health coach if: You’re running low on motivation - A health coach can help you build confidence, provide support and offer inspiration. You need someone on your side - Your health coach is like a really knowledgeable friend who’s there to listen, ask good questions and keep you on track with your goals. You need help recognizing successes - A health coach can help you identify wins and celebrate your progress. You need extra support - Health coaching can enhance and support other programs or classes you participate in.
  • What is a session with a Health Coach like?
    In a nutshell, after the initial consultation where we discuss your goals and your current struggles, we start implementing small changes to your weekly routine and your daily life. During our weekly meetings, we make a plan together on how you want to best put our discussion into action. With small changes, reflection, honesty with yourself, and some work, we’ll change your patterns, create positive behaviours, and reach those goals.
  • How long does coaching last?
    It’s usually 3 or 6 months and can vary based on specific needs. We will discuss how many and how long sessions are best for you.
  • What fitness & health coaches are allowed to do?
    Coaches Do: Help clients understand the diagnosis and plan of care. Educate clients to become discerning consumers. Listen with compassion and acknowledge emotions. Refer to experts and reputable resources. Coaches Do Not: Provide diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Order or interpret labs. Recommend or sell supplements. Provide psychotherapy.
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