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7 Smart Daily Habits That You Can Implement Right Away

What's up, beautiful people,

If you have a clear goal, nothing can stop you. However, you do need a clear plan! Habits are a powerful tool you should develop. Next, we are going to explore a few easy but highly effective habits that go a long way!

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. “

– Henry Ford


Okay, after those wise words from Henry Ford, let`s continue to the 7 smart daily habits that you can implement right away!

1. Drink water at the right time 💧

Drink one glass of water after waking up to remove any toxins before you start the day. Of course, you should sip water as you work out. Also, 30 minutes before a meal to aid digestion and an hour after to absorb the nutrients. And finally, drink a glass of water an hour before bedtime to avoid night dehydration.

2. Don’t miss breakfast 🍳

Breakfast breaks night fast. It replenishes the energy and nutrients we need to start the day. Skipping breakfast is not recommended, if you ignore breakfast, you will feel very hungry at lunchtime, and you will end up exceeding your calorie intake. Besides, skipping breakfast has been linked to constipation.

3. Poop it out! 💩

Healthy people poop twice a day, usually, every day at the same time. EVERYBODY is different, and what’s normal for you may not be or others. What matters is that you have a healthy bowel movement. To improve digestion, I recommend lots of fibre, found in fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and water!

4. Sweat it out! 💦

No matter how! Just pump your blood somehow... Hiking, running, walking, dancing, lifting… You choose! But it’s important to break a sweat. Sweating is the best way to detox. The heaviest concentration of heavy metals is found in sweat. People who exercise often have less concentration of heavy metals.

5. Stay positive 🙂

Make somebody smile today! Spread positivity. As cheesy as this may sound... When you smile, the world smiles back at you! Staying positive has been linked, time and time again, with increased energy levels, healthier organs, lower stress and anxiety levels, decreased depression, and a healthier heart!

6. Challenge yourself 🏆

Nothing good ever comes out from sitting back and doing nothing! To slay your goals you need to challenge yourself. Here are a few ideas about how you can challenge yourself:

  • Every time you work out increase the weight or perform one more rep

  • Celebrate small wins and reward yourself!

  • Stick to a habit you want to build every day for a month.

7. Sleep tight 😴

When sleep is restricted, levels of ghrelin (hunger hormone) increase and leptin levels (satiety hormone) decrease. Thus, poor sleep equals gaining weight, cravings and hunger, more stress and depression. My top tip to sleep well is to go to bed and wake up always at the same time, to adjust your internal clock.


I hope these tips help! And now, I want to know: What’s your worst and best habit at the time? Let’s chat about it, feel free to write down in the comments.

And if you’re struggling to quit bad habits and replace them with good ones, I can help you! Click here to find out more about my habit creation coaching method and start transforming your life!

See you soon!

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