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The Hidden Power of Brisk Walking

Walking Briskly means we are walking faster than we usually would.

I go for brisk walks almost every day because it helps me to relax my body, mind and soul.

My work is usually behind the laptop and that's why in my free time I love moving around the city or spending some time walking in the nature and enjoying the fresh air.

The brisk walk leads my mind toward creativity. It helps me to think and fix the puzzles in my mind.

As I reflect on some events that had previously happened in my life and how I can learn from my mistakes, and prepare for my future challenges.

But It is not just me enjoying and recommending the walking therapy, even the doctors prescribe a peaceful walk in the park instead of any medical prescription.

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls nature our greatest source of peace and well-being. It also says that initiating biodiversity is critical to recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

An interesting fact is that in Canada, doctors are now prescribing spending time in nature.

They are providing patients with special passes, giving them years of access to the nearest country national parks, historic areas, and marine conservation.

Although the mental health benefits of going out and getting into a fresh atmosphere have been recognized long ago, now special green prescriptions are widely being used to treat major physical conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, and lung diseases.

How does it help our bodies?

Studies showed that the health value of spending enough time in nature is beyond our imagination.

It is said, contact with microbes in the environment may train our immune systems and reinforce the microbial communities of our skin, airways, and guts.

According to a new scientist magazine, going out into nature results in improving sleep patterns, reduces stress, and boosts happiness; it also makes one attentive and good in memory and creativity.

Tips to Improve Your Brisk Walk

Some of the best ways to speed up your walk include:

Take Shorter Strides

A very common mistake people make during their brisk walk is to take longer strides.

Though they don’t realize that these longer strides affect their stamina and slow them down.

The reason behind this is that the front foot in longer stride land in an outstretched position.

This may act as a brake and disturb the body’s momentum during every single stride. But the brisk walk can be made simple and effective by taking shorter and quick strides.

Maintain a Good Posture

Posture is one of the most important things to keep the stamina and body to their best. Never slouch in a brisk walk.

You should keep your back straightened, your head up and your eyes should be following the horizon.

This perfect posture will also help to quicken your pace.

Adjust Your Arms

You should keep your arms bent and swing them according to your leg movement in a very quick and sound motion.

This will help in maintaining the momentum.

Your shoulders should remain down and completely relaxed.

Squeeze and Engage

You should keep your glutes squeezed and engage the core of your body to strengthen your body muscles.

Now tell me what's your biggest insight out of that article and do you often go for brisk walks?


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