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The Hidden Power of Cold Showers

Cold Showers are referred to as any type of shower with water temperature approximating below 70 degrees Fahrenheit / 21.11 Celsius.

It has many health benefits and is also known as water therapy or hydrotherapy.

People have used it for around centuries. And some of the online research takes this water therapy back to ancient Egypt.

It is said that the therapy boosts our body's capability to adapt to tough and harsh conditions, which results in making our body resistant to stress. It also energizes the body, making it more alert and less stressed.

But before anyone of you even think of getting started with cold water showers, known as 'Water Therapy,' you need to discuss it with your doctor just to be sure if it is okay for you, as per your present health conditions.

Because it is not safe if you are suffering from health conditions like heart-beat issues, blood vessel disorders, or Chilblains, it is also not advised to pregnant women.

People nowadays are taking cold shower challenges for a specific number of days to check if it benefits them or not.

So far, the results are executing as great!


Helping with Overcoming Anxiety

Cold showers are, in fact, known to help overcome anxiety symptoms. Anxiety is a mental health condition that leads to excessive fears and worries. It comes with an increase in heart rate and could also result in high blood pressure.

If you want to naturally relieve your anxiety symptoms, it is best to have exposure to cold water every day.

Cold showers are beneficial for attaining a lower heart rate or ideal blood circulation. When your body's temperature goes down, your inner system reacts to it by providing fresh blood. As you know, when someone feels anxious, their body's temperature rises.

A Coldwater shower is of great help in bringing that body temperature down.

Cold showers help the body create endorphins. 'Endorphins are the body's natural pain relievers, and they can also boost your mood.'

Stronger Immune system

The body processes that provide resistance to infection and toxins are referred to as your immune system.

Cold showers have proved to boost an immune system.

Studies had reported that when athlete young men went through cold water therapy three times a week for almost six weeks, that initiated a slight boost in their immune system.

Strong Start of the Day

Cold-water showers are considered to be the strong start of the day. It helps the body wake up completely in the morning.

When it increases the circulation in the body and creates a higher demand for oxygen, it results in deeper breathing which then fights off body fatigue.

Meeting Your Fear

Starting a routine of a cold shower is never easier.

Every single morning, when you turn the cold-water shower on, you would feel an urge to run away or quickly switch to the warm water.

But, in order to remain peacefully in the shower, you need to frame your mind on how to respond. You need to switch that feeling of fear into an achievement. Achievement of becoming mentally and physically strong!


In the end, I would like to say that a tiny bit of progress is better than none at all.

Try every day with a little bit colder and colder water and in a couple of months, you will reach the point where you can be very proud of yourself for continuously taking cold showers and living all of their benefits.


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