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The Miracles of Taking Salt Before Workout

It has been one of the most discussed topics over the past few years.

When we generally talk about salt intake, we know that even the most experienced doctors recommend using it minimally.

But, most of us do not even realize how too little salt intake can affect our bodies and be dangerous.

We know it really well; when we take an excessive quantity of salt, the extra water that has been stored in our body cells causes our blood pressure to rise.

Which may put a huge strain on the heart, affecting your arteries, kidneys, and brain.

Despite the dangers of using salt in excess, Dr DiNicolantinio’s extensive research for his book 'The Salt Fix' expresses an extensive look at gaining weight, ageing, and hydration.


Here are 5 reasons from his research that shows salt can be beneficial before a workout:

Improved Workout Performance

The increased salt intake can be an optimum way of increasing energy levels and boosting overall performance in your workouts.

When you avoid restricting salt, your insulin levels may drop and allow your body to access its energy reserves or body fat. Dr DiNicolantonio also expresses that when salt intake is increased to provide enough energy, your inbuilt salt retaining hormones may go down.

They help improve the sensitivity of your fat cells to insulin.

Muscle Gain

If you boost salt intake to an ideal level, your energy levels also rise.

As a result, your endurance level boosts, and the cardiovascular blood flow reaches new heights.

All this energy functioning in the body leads to a stronger, less exhausting, and more efficient workout experience.

One of its best side effects may include the optimum muscle performance, which allows you to attain your high goals in less time than you otherwise would have.

Blood Flow

The blood volume can drop in the first three minutes of exercising vigorously.

If you increase your blood volume before exercising, take extra salt.

It can help a lot in increasing cardiovascular blood flow.

Suppose you don't take any extra salt consumption, your standard blood volume serves as the primary supply to your working muscles during your workout. And as a result, your body does not contain the ideal blood volume it may send to the heart.

Body Cooling

If your body maintains a better blood flow, it automatically refers to body cooling. Effective blood circulation and water retention lead to faster body cooling.

This, in turn, leads to longer endurance and feeling much better during the workout.

Reduced Risks of Hyponatremia

The average exercising person loses a quarter of sweat per hour.

We also know that double the workout or its intensity with those who run and jog.

A body condition named hyponatremia can take place if the sodium levels of the body's blood are abnormally low. Because we know that the more they workout, the more is the loss of sodium from the body.

This sodium needs to be replaced to prevent any chances of hyponatremia.


How do I do it?

I just throw a few rocks of Himalayan salt in my mouth or half a teaspoon of fine salt just before a workout, assuming it will be a badass workout, not a "30mins x Chat Session & 10mins x Selfie Session."

Now go smash the gym!

Did you know these facts? If not, will you try?


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