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5 Rules for a Healthy Happy Life

What are your strategies for staying fit? What are your secrets to being healthy? What is your motivation to workout? What are the things that you wish you could teach someone to have a healthy and productive lifestyle?

Today I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned from the clients who’ve had the most success in my fitness program. They’re all different people from different backgrounds, with different professions, and different family dynamics.

But they all seem to follow the same 5 Rules:

Slow Progress>Fast Failure:

So many of us want to go so fast. Recognizing that progress happens slowly and consistently over time is one of the most important concepts you can embrace. Remember that slow progress is still progress. A constant and slow progress will bring you enormous results.

Do not push yourself too much so that your body can no longer keep up. You are doing a great job and you are doing great.

Enjoy The Process:

Sure, it’s important to have goals and periodically evaluate your progress and reassess. But it’s better to stay in the moment. Enjoy today’s workout and the people you’re doing it with. Get the most out of the exercise you’re doing now... instead of impatiently looking forward to the next thing.

A consistent process yields progress without having to obsess about results. Enjoy and live in the moment. Yesterday will not be repeated. Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy everything that you do, and one day, without realizing it, you will already have achieved your goals. Making what you do enjoyable makes your life easier and happier.

Do not Compare:

So, the woman working out next to you who outweighs you by 40 pounds just 1.5x’d your deadlift? Of course she did... And so what? You’re here for you and to derive positive energy from others, not to compare yourself to them. You are unique. You are uniquely amazing.

Do not compare yourself with others.

Comparing yourself with others will only put you in a pessimistic situation. Compared to others, this will not help you. Instead, it will devour your will to love yourself more. You are unique and we are all different. Embrace it.

Embrace Setbacks:

There will be bad days. Things will go wrong. You will get into a rut. Remember that these setbacks need to happen in order for you to achieve your next level of success. Everything happens for a reason. When you fail, you learn.

When you feel stuck, you appreciate the importance of patience and opportunities. When you fall, you will learn to stand up for yourself. Your negative and positive experiences both teach you valuable lessons in life. You are molded by what you experience and the lessons that accompany them. You are built both by your negative and positive experiences. Embrace and cherish it, for in one way or another, you learned something useful and you gained something valuable.

Be Grateful:

I’ve learned that gratitude is one of the most important emotions we can experience. Be grateful for what you have and want.

Be grateful for what you have that you don’t prefer. And be grateful for what’s to come.

The "Attitude of Gratitude" is an immensely powerful tool to combat negativity and conquer adversities in life.

Given that it’s almost the end of the year, there are just a couple of months left in 2022. I’d like to propose that you focus on all of the above rules through the end of the year. If you’re just OK at following these 5 rules consistently, you’ll be ready for a massive breakthrough with your fitness—and your life.


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