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7 Activities for Inner Peace & Strong Body (NO Equipment)

To write this article, I got inspired by one of the most famous quotes by Stephen King:

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

And today I want to share 7 of my favourite activities that keep my body, mind and soul strong!


1. Yoga

Way better than coffee in the morning!

Yoga is perfect if your goal is to strengthen your muscles and boost the immune system. Yoga promotes the proper functioning of the metabolism and the circulatory system.

A great & very positive way to start your days!

2. Core Training

There is nobody who doesn’t want and like badass ABS.

So, why not go for it?...

Working your core not only tones your abs, but also strengthens your back and prevents lower back pain, and improves posture.

So, get a mat, and let’s get to work! Fun challenge: Hold a plank for as long as you can while reading a book. Imagine how much you can read in a month!

3. Take a Brisk Walk

Listen to your favourite podcast and just go for a walkalone, with a friend, or with your pet! What matters is to keep moving! A brisk walk is a great way to improve your cardio.

Aim between 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day!

Briskly walking has the same health benefits as running, though the effort is less. Thus, it’s ideal for a low-impact session.

4. Street workout parks

While you are already walking, look around for a nice place to do some bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises you can do ANYWHERE:

✔︎ Squats

✔︎ Tricep Dips

✔︎ Pull-Ups

✔︎ Step-ups

✔︎ Elevated Push-ups

✔︎ Jumping Squats

✔︎ Burpees

✔︎ Bulgarian Split Squats

5. Hiking

Depends on where you do live, that’s one of the best things you can do to your body and mindset at all.

I’m blessed to live in both Bulgaria & Switzerland, soooo finding a hiking path was never a problem for me.

Therefore if you see some hills from your window - NO EXCUSES not to move around and enjoy nature!

Just take a look at the BENEFITS:

✔︎ Improved cardiovascular health

✔︎ Reduces bad cholesterol

✔︎ Increases strength and muscle toning

✔︎ Improves bone density

✔︎ Reduces depression

✔︎ Improves the quality of sleep

✔︎ Burns about 400 calories per hour!

Hold on, I know you have already started thinking about going for a hike but before you tie your shoelaces, please, read the rest, just 2 more :)

6. Stretching

No matter your age, stretching helps improve balance, correct posture, and tone your muscles!

It also reduces joint discomfort and helps combat stress-related headaches.

A stretching session is ideal to end a long day and say SAYONARA to work stress!

7. Meditation

Meditation puts you in a good mood by improving your connection to your own thoughts.

So, I recommend a short meditation session before going to bed

That way, not only you’ll combat stress, but you’ll also fall asleep faster!


Okay my friend, I truly believe these tips will serve you well! And I think you will start introducing them into your everyday life and share them with your good friends, to help them as well.


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