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How to Live a Healthy, Happy Life in Your 20s

In your 20s you can easily have a rocky journey to become self-sufficient and break down bad habits.

We often get told by people that we are too young to think about living a healthy life or that we have nothing to worry about because we have a whole life ahead of us and it makes us procrastinate.

We start getting lazy in the name of comfort and forget to live life in the most fulfilling way.


I have personally made a ton of mistakes in my early 20s before I came down to this conclusion to live a healthy happy life which might be different varying from person to person but here are some basic tips to learn while you are still young:

Surround yourself with the right friends

It is so essential to surround yourself with intelligent, trustworthy, progressive and loyal friends. And of course, you should offer them the same in return.

As we learn the most from our environment and from whom we spend most of our time with. Our friends become our identity.

Learn how to stay healthy

If you want to live a healthy life it is crucial to know what a healthy lifestyle is and what you need to do to achieve that.

Staying healthy doesn’t just mean by the body it also includes staying healthy by mind and soul, to keep yourself away from things that keep you worried and take your peace away.

Pack your lunch

It is best to pack your own lunch and know what food is good for you.

Keep a close eye on your nutrition and body needs. Always think about taking balanced meals that include a good amount of proteins, carbs, fats, fibres, vitamins, minerals etc.

"A healthy man is a happy man."

Do some sports

You can do any sport you like, it can be fitness, volleyball, boxing, wrestling, swimming, squash, the most important thing is keeping yourself active and also that you are having fun while doing it.

Sport is always a good option as it keeps you active all day.

Get a hobby

To start a hobby you need to figure out what you like the most or what you liked when you were a child but stopped doing it after your life became a bit busier.

Everyone has a hobby, some like to paint, some like to sketch, some like to collect good books to read, and some like making different crafts.

Make something that is fun for you.

Do something that seems fun to you even if it seems stupid to others.

For instance, if you like making paper crafts, or playing with slime even if that feels childish to others you can still do it in your free time.

Build a morning routine

It is better to go to bed on time and wake up early in the morning to get fresh energy from the early sun lights.

Furthermore, when you keep sleeping late in the morning, your body starts releasing stress hormones and you end up feeling lazy all day long.

Let's do no even mention the stress levels that you will be hitting if you are running always late and trying to brush your teeth while feeding your dog and preparing your coffee...

All at once.

Be honest to yourself and others

Always live your life as an honest person. Neither be dishonest to yourself or others nor let anyone be dishonest to you.

Learn to love yourself and let go of hate.

The key to a happy life is to learn how to love yourself first no matter what shape you are and what size. Because being in love with your own self is the beginning of a lifetime of romance.

And that can happen only if you are honest with yourself, realize your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Meet your fears

Face all your fears so you end up getting stronger than ever and feel no obstacle in achieving what you truly desire.

Avoiding fears only makes them scarier.

Whatever your fear, if you face it, it should start to fade. If you panic one day getting into a lift, for example, it's best to get back into a lift the next day.

Next to that, sharing fears takes away a lot of their scariness.

You can talk to your partner, friend or family member.


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