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Train Your Mindset Just Like Your Abs!

Imagine if our bodies were as stubborn as our minds.

You head to the gym and attempt to do a squat, but your legs just say, "Nah, I've never been a squat type of leg." Absurd, right?

That's what our brains do with a fixed mindset.

But imagine, on the flip side, if your brain approached challenges like your muscles do at the gym – relishing the pain because it knows that's how it grows stronger. That's the glory of the growth mindset.


Fixed Mindset: Why We're Stuck

The problems with having a fixed mindset aren't just about resisting change or growth.

  1. Fear of Failure: With a fixed mindset, you're constantly seeking validation. A misstep means you're not smart or talented.

  2. Avoiding Challenges: Instead of seeing challenges as opportunities to grow, those with a fixed mindset view them as threats.

  3. Feeling Threatened by the Success of Others: Instead of being inspired by someone else's success, it becomes a metric that you might not measure up to.


Switching Gears: Tips to Foster a Growth Mindset

  1. Celebrate Efforts, Not Just Outcomes: Learn to reward the process, not just the result. Every setback is a setup for a comeback.

  2. Feed Your Brain: Just like muscles need protein, your brain needs knowledge. Keep learning!

  3. Surround Yourself with Growth-Minded People: Energy is contagious. Surrounding yourself with people who embrace challenges and persevere can inspire you to do the same.

  4. Reflect and Reset: Remember, no one is entirely one mindset or the other. Take time to reflect on your reactions, and don't be afraid to reset your thought process.


The Link Between Fitness and Mindset

You might be wondering, "What does this have to do with fitness?" The answer is EVERYTHING. Your mindset shapes your beliefs about your abilities. If you believe you can achieve that dream body or run that marathon, with the right amount of effort and dedication, you will.

Feeling inspired yet?

Hold onto that thought. But, before you power off, answer me this:

What's harder, 100 burpees or changing a fixed mindset? Both might leave you out of breath, but only one gives you lasting growth.

Drop your thoughts or personal methods in the comments!

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So, are you in the growth game or still playing it safe?

The choice, as always, is ABS-olutely yours!


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