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HELP! My hair is falling! Hair Loss Prevention Tips.

Hair loss problem among people has been increasing with every passing day.

Although it does not have any physical effects on your health, the emotional trauma it can cause is pretty much serious.

Only men who have been through that struggle can understand the actual emotional pain here.

It’s really really awful and you feel very bad.

Your confidence it’s getting hurt and your mind is staying busy thinking „Why me, I don’t want to be bald?


They are a couple of things that I will share later in this article with you that can be helpful but FIRST

I want you to understand that you shouldn’t let your fucking hairline determine your mood and confidence!

I remember the moment when I was around 20 years old and I saw a photo of me where I was 15 years old and then I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like WOOOOOOW....

Something it's different here, where did my fucking hair go?

I'm getting bald, my hair is falling, what should I do, it's over...

After that, every time when I was looking in the mirror, I was always checking my hairline...

"Is it visible that I'm losing hair?"

"Do others see it?"

"What do they think of me?"

I got very frustrated because I just faced the facts and I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't magically grow my hair back, right?

And since it already started falling, that means that I will be completely bald in the next 2-3 years, right?

No, bullshit!

I was so stupid to have such worthless thoughts, next to that, it just got imprinted on my brain that I'm getting bald and that's really bad, that brought me to always shaving my head and never letting my hair grow even a millimetre.

I went through 5 or 6 years of useless thinking about how I'm losing my hair most of the time.

Luckily, I realized that it doesn't fucking matter at all.

You can have a bad hairline and still be a great-looking guy, a person who is successful, healthy, rich, famous, an astronaut, or whatever the fuck you want.

Think about how many attractive bald men are out there! #nohomo

So, women are still going to find you for a sexy motherfucker, regardless if you have hair like Jason Momoa or your head is smooth and shiny like a round door knob.

And at the end of the day, you can always transplant hair if you see it as such a huuuuge problem, I have a couple of friends of mine who had already hair transplantation and their hair looks very cool and natural.

Now I would love to share with you how I prevented myself from those toxic thoughts.

Instead of thinking how bad it can be if I have no more hair, I just decided to change my lifestyle and let gravity decide about my hair fall.

And yeah, I just decided to grow my hair and I am very happy and satisfied with the result, even though I do not have a perfect hairline.

Hair loss can be caused for many reasons.

Still, there are definitely effective ways to naturally control the hair fall and regrow your hair. It is most common among men above 50 but nowadays it can happen even when you are 15.

Causes of Male Baldness:

1. Genetics

2. Cancers

3. Thyroid conditions

4. Nutritional disorders

5. High levels of sex hormones called 'Androgens.'

Stages of a Male Pattern Baldness

1. Experiencing the gradual fading of the hairline in the early stages.

2. On the crown of the head, you may find some bald spots.

3. Eventually facing the difficulty of hair loss throughout the head.

Tips to Naturally Regrow Your Hair:

1. Massage:

Massaging the scalp and hair with hair oils or masks can be very effective.

And gradually causes your lost hair to regrow. You should massage your scalp with your fingertips, not with your nails.

Move around the scalp creating small circles while massaging at a very light to medium pressure.

But an average of 4 minutes of massage is considered enough.

2. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera has a great history of usage for treating hair loss. It soothes and relaxes the hair.

It helps reduce dandruff and removes excess oils that are deposited into the hair follicles. You can easily apply aloe vera for a few minutes in a week.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a miracle for your hair; it deeply goes inside your hair and helps in the reduction of protein loss from your hair.

It can be used before washing your hair as a hair mask, or else it can be applied on a minimal amount after taking a shower and can be used as a hair serum.

4. Shampoo and conditioner:

Some shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients shown to be beneficial for reducing hair loss.

Ideally, it would be to consult with an expert, doctor or at least with your barber.

But be aware that sometimes they might be just trying to sell you some shitty affiliate products. ALWAYS do your own research before buying,

5. Fish Oil

The proper intake of omega-fatty acids can help grow your hair, and it also repairs the damaged hair from the inside.

Omega fatty acids also help repair your internal health, which results in the great appearance of your hair and skin.

If you genuinely want to repair your hair, you need to stick to your routine and remain consistent. The natural or even medicated treatments can take up to a few months to show noticeable results.


So, my friends, these are some of the tips and experiences I could provide you about hair loss.

I hope you enjoyed this article!

Take care, stay productive and fucking awesome!

Chao :)


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