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Sticking With It!

In my goal of helping people with regaining their strength, health and confidence, you may hear me refer a lot to the idea of “getting back on track.

That’s because many people start a fitness or any other program, and stop.

And now they need to start again … which actually is a lot harder than if they’d just persevered and not stopped in the first place.

Maybe they made great progress, but it wasn’t fast enough for them. Or they chose the wrong coach, program or even environment and didn’t make any progress at all.

Or maybe how they define and measure progress was simply all wrong.

Whatever the case is, there are plenty of things we have to do every day. But we all get an opportunity to choose the things we want to do.

The whole key when it comes to achieving a stronger and healthier body and mind can be expressed in one word:


The decision to stick with it … no matter what!

The hardest thing for most people, when it comes to building habits, is sticking to them long enough for them to become ingrained.

Exactly that's why most people don’t exercise or eat healthy, why people procrastinate, why people smoke and drink soda, and why people don’t meditate, learn new languages or read more books.

And yeah, I know the grit to keep going when things get a little uncomfortable or when obstacles come your way.

Let’s face itnothing in life worth having is easy all the time.

There will be challenges along the way.

Embrace them, and be grateful for the fact that they’re necessary in order for you to achieve your goals.

Seeing those challenges as “the price of admission” has always helped me. Knowing that I’m willing to do what others won’t, makes the process more meaningful and my goals much more important.

The longer you spend dwelling on failure, the more it distracts you from the opportunity at hand.

And in fact…

If you’ve been reading my blogs or watching my videos for any significant length of time you understand that there’s no such thing as a complete failure. That’s just the meaning that we’ve chosen to give the experience.

Failure teaches you what success can’t.

Failure prepares you for eventual success by giving you grit and keeping you grounded.

When you fail, the best thing I’ve found is to look at it as feedback. Ask yourself what went wrong and why.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to see it pretty clearly.

Any failure can be productive if you’re willing to set aside your ego and learn from it.

Embrace the challenges and don't beat yourself up over the failures. That’s easier said than done believe me I know.

But in the end, the energy you put into beating yourself up could be spent on far more productive things like learning from your mistakes and trying again. Beating yourself up is a waste of your life because overthinking something you did wrong won’t change it.



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